We're a family owned farm located in the Cypress/Tomball area. We have a variety of 'pick-your-own' fruit and produce with event facilities, picnic and gaming areas!


Arctic Storm Uri delayed our crop season, but we plan to reopen soon!

Our website will be updated and an email will be sent to subscribers

Covid-19 Notice:

We take the health of our family and yours seriously

Please wear a mask and stay near your group

High risk individuals should follow any suggested safety protocols

Agritourism Activity Warning:

Please use caution and stay in the mowed areas of the property as there may be snakes, spiders, and other insects in the field

We advise the use of hats, sunscreen, full length clothing, enclosed shoes and bug spray

Under Texas Law - Chapter 75A, Civil Practice and Remedies Code

An Agritourism Entity is NOT liable for the injury or death of an Agritourism Participant 

More information in FAQs

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