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 Farm to Table:
Our Story at Harvest Season Farm

Our picking hours vary according to the crop season and availability. You can find a tentative schedule on our FAQ page. Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email for more details, and consider subscribing to our mailing list to receive occasional updates.


We showcase a rotating selection of seasonal delights, such as Asian Persimmon, multiple Fig varieties, Jujubes, Asian Pears, regular Pears, and additional treasures like fresh honey harvested from our very own bee colony.


We are a family-owned farm where you can pick your own produce. In 1996, the Matt Family acquired an abandoned airstrip, once known as the Little Cypress Airport, and began planting trees in the spring of 1997. The main barn was erected in 2002, followed by the addition of a game-proof fence in 2005. In 2010, we constructed a 2,000 sqft pavilion featuring picnic tables, a BBQ grill, firepit, volleyball, and other games. Our farm boasts an extensive 35-mile underground irrigation system.

The Matt Family ran the farm until Mr. Matt's passing in 2017. Subsequently, his family sold the orchard, and our family took over operations in the fall of 2018. We temporarily closed during the first year to focus on restoring infrastructure and officially reopened in 2020. Since then, our commitment has been to maintain an organic quality in all our crops, ensuring the freshest produce for you.

Under New Management

In 2021, Houston endured the devastating Great Freeze, resulting in the complete devastation of our citrus and berry sections. Consequently, we were compelled to close down our orchard for a period of two years. However, in June 2023, the reins of the operation were handed over to Bobby and Christina Diggs, who took over from Emily and David.

After months of arduous work in clearing and maintaining the orchard, we are thrilled to announce that we have reopened.

Our family, including our children, now actively runs the farm alongside us, imparting the invaluable lessons of hard work and dedication. We are wholeheartedly committed to reviving the orchard, and the unwavering support of our local community plays a pivotal role in sustaining our organic produce.

Additionally, we proudly maintain a thriving colony of bees on our property, recognizing their vital role in both the ecosystem and the flourishing of our orchard.

Map of the Farm

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All Citrus Trees, Berries and Peaches are Gone
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Harvest Season Farm

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