Crops /   Asian Persimmon, Blueberry, Blackberry, Figs, Jujube, Asian Pear, variety of Citrus, Loquat, Peppers and more!

Harvest Season /   We have an estimated Season calendar in FAQs. Picking hours will vary on the season and availability of the crops. Please call or send an email for more information, or subscribe to our mailing list to receive seasonal updates

History /   We're a family owned 'pick-your-own' produce farm. Our family purchased the property in August 2018 from the Matt Family.

We're located on an abandoned airstrip, once known as the Little Cypress Airport. The Matt Family purchased the property in 1996 and planted the first tree in the Spring of 1997


The main barn was built in 2002, and in 2005 the game proof fence was added. In 2010 a 2,000 sqft pavilion was built with picnic tables and bbq grills. In 2011 another covered area was added by the berry vines. We have picnic facilities for 80 people and an estimated 35 miles of buried irrigation system


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