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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are we open?
    Saturdays noon - 8pm or until soldout for the duration of crawfish season join our mailing list for info on when fruit picking will be available and our updated hours. *Hours vary with crop availability
  • What are the Harvest Seasons?
    Estimated Seasons: Figs ............................... June - August Jujubes ......................... June - August Asian Pears ................... June - August Asian Persimmon .......... September - October We have buckets, wagons, shears, and long reach pruners available
  • Would you like to see a map?
    Not all crops are currently listed on the map, but we'll point you in the right direction when you get here! Please 'right click' and open in a new tab or brower window to see a larger version
  • What should you bring?
    We have pickers, shears, wagons, bags and buckets, so you'll need: Hat or Umbrella Outdoor clothing Enclosed walking shoes Sunscreen and bug spray A friendly smile! :-)
  • Need more details?
    Honey We have an onsite bee colony and sell honey when available Asian Persimmon We have 5 varieties 3 are nonastringent - Fuyu, Jiro and Matsumato and 2 are astringent - Hachiya and Saijo Fuyu is four sided with a fairly tough skin and yellow/orange to deep red Hachiya is larger with an oblong-conical shape and orange skin Saijo is smaller, egg shaped and considered the best astringent Asian Pear Asian Pears combine the flavor and sweetness of pears with the bite of a crisp apple We have 3 varieties - 20th Century, Hosui and Shinko All 3 are predominantly round in shape 20th Century are yellowish/green to dark yellow Housi have a dark yellow skin Shinko have a golden brown skin Figs Banana Celeste LSU Purple Texas Everbearing Brown Turkey Jujube Li (most popular) is a larger round variety with the texture and bite similar to an apple Lang is an elongated variety
  • What else is nearby?
    Other farms: Victoria's Natural Market 713.815.8513 20158 Bauer Hockley Aitken Farm & Ranch 832.422.5164 20000 Bauer Hockley Restaurants: Frio Grill (a local favorite!) 281.256.3746 16410 Mueschke Andy's Bar and Grill 281.304.2627 27200 US-290 ste 160 Cypress, TX.77433 Texas Mesquite Grill 832.334.5594 27104 Northwest Frwy

Harvest Season Farm

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